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Buyer's Choice

Yellow Bananas Each
$2.83 / Kg
$197 $2.99Save $1.02
Avocado Hass Ripe Each
$0.39 / Each
Green Bean 250G
$1.2 / 100g
$098 $1.99Save $1.01
Brown Onion 1kg
$1.89 / Kg
$379 $3.99Save $0.20
Sweet Orange 1kg
$0.35 / Kg
$4970 $70.00Save $20.30
Cherry Gift Box 2kg
$24.98 / Kg
$320 $4.00Save $0.80
Yellow Flesh Peaches 450g
$7.11 / Kg

How it works

Choose your produce
box subscription.

Brimming with fresh, organic produce,
our customizable produce boxes mean
you can set healthy eating to autopilot.

Plan meals &
shop groceries.

Discover delicious recipes that use the
items in your box, then add family-favourite
snacks to your order with a few taps.

Get good food,

That's it! We'll hand pick & pack your
order and bring it all to your doorstep
on grocery delivery day.

Choose Your Good Fruit Box

Just select your fresh produce box subscription below, choosing between a mix of fresh fruit and vegetables or only fresh fruit or fresh vegetables.
  • Small Mixed Box
    Small Mixed Box
    $1799 - $1999/week
  • Small Vegetable Box
    Small Vegetable Box
    $1799 - $1999/week
  • Small Fruit Box
    Small Fruit Box
    $1799 - $1999/week
  • Medium Mixed Box
    Medium Mixed Box
    $2799 - $2999/week
  • Large Mixed Box
    Large Mixed Box
    $3799 - $3999/week
  • Family Mixed Box
    Family Mixed Box
    $4799 - $4999/week
Each box is 100% customisable, meaning it’s a snap to make it just right for your family.

* Our box price subtotals vary a bit week-to-week based on the assortment of fresh, seasonal produce we curate for you. Don’t worry, though, the starting total will never be higher than those listed above, and you can swap, remove, or add items in your box until it’s just right.

The Good Food Begins with the Good Ingredients
Take the stress out of deciding what’s for dinner. Our Delicious Recipes make it easy to craft mouthwatering. Homemade meals using the items in your box.
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